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When coming to the Petit Beauty Saloon (Puchi esute Fuu) you will be filled with a sense of warmth, comfort and satisfaction likening the experience to that of catching up with an old friend.

I have been fortunate to have been able to travel internationally to different countries around the world including places such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Brazil, Thailand and Taiwan where I have seen and studied a multitude of varying techniques detailing facial and skin treatments as well as many other kinds of beauty treatments acquiring extensive knowledge and qualifications.

When I began working in the field of beauty at the end of the 1980’s – most beauty treatments were very pricey. I vividly remember being an employee giving treatments to customers but being unable to afford them myself.

During the 1990’s there was a dramatic shift in beauty clientele and inroads were made to open the beauty treatment experience to the masses.

As the kind of beauty customer gradually began to change I passionately wanted to give more people the opportunity to experience skin care and have assess to learn more about skin care and skin condition maintenance. I wanted to allow people to have the opportunity to easily come without dear expense.

This is the reason why I set up the Petit Beauty Salon (Puchi esute Fuu)

Since I opened in the year 2000 I have been so blessed to have met so many wonderful people – families, mothers and daughters , sisters and friends, all through the family generations from grandmother to daughter to granddaughter to great granddaughter.

I am so appreciative to all my customers who I also consider good friends and for this I will be eternally indebted.

Why The Private Healing room – Petit Beauty Salon (Puchi esute Fu) prices are affordable in comparison to other establishments.

⭐️The majority of Beauty establishments use a franchise style setting up various treatment courses of little to no flexibility. At The Private Healing Room – Petit Beauty Salon (Puchi Esute Fu) cosmetics and treatments are chosen separately from Japanese companies and tailored specifically for the individual therefore allowing more freedom in pricing.

⭐️I don’t believe in trying to sell cosmetic products to people as I feel everyone has their own favorites and products shouldn’t be forced on consumers. However, I am always there to offer advice if needed and acquire products if requested.

Commitment for facials and other treatments

A general course will be decided for the day of your visit specifically tailored to your needs:


The process of pealing helps your skin to be revitalized
Pealing gel is used as well as the use of a specialist pealing machine
Your skin condition will be rigorously analyzed and treatments decided on the specific skin condition of that day. – All facial masks and skin pealing methods will be chosen for your skin type to remove old skin.

Facial mask

Facial masks are picked from 6 to 8 types of masks.

Some masks may cost more than others. If your skin needs a certain type of mask I will introduce you to the most suitable ones although the choice obviously will coincide with the customers wishes. There is a wide selection of masks to suit your individual needs.


Hand massage and Ultra sonic (Choupa) massage , either oil or cream is used
There are Lift up massages and lymphatic massages as well as others.

Eye Lash Perm

2 different types of curls and 4 different sizes fitting the 2 different types of curls ,
I will individually pick which curl and size is best to suit the shape of your eyes….


Main Menu:

※ Tax not included

Special Requests

If you need a special facial for a special day ( just before an important event or a reunion etc.) a combined course is available for 10,000 yen

Wedding Course

To Look the best you have ever looked
Three Courses are available

How to make a reservation

プチエステ ふう LINE QR

Please press the following link to make a reservation, If help is needed please contact me by Line, Email or Telephone,

Please use the Line qr code or just simply click the link below (this will be in Japanese) If you’re unable to do this please just Line me a message or email me at ,

You could also phone the number 054-374-0360

If you have been introduced to The Petit Salon by someone please let me know.

With Much Appreciation.


Address 420-0801 , Shizuoka Shi , Aoiku , Higashi Chioda , 2-10-26
Opening Time 10.00 am – 19.30 pm
Closed Sunday, Monday, National Holidays
Tel 054-374-0360
Extra Info Parking Space is Available